Love is bullshit

I confess that sometimes I feel a little afraid. This thing called love seems to be everywhere. It looks like an epidemic and I do not know if it can be contain it. Everywhere I look my friends are married or dating and I think

“I’m running away by a thread, it’s like I’m in a war, everyone’s dying, I’m dodging, they’re throwing engagement rings on  me, and I’m saying, NOOOOO.”

I get a little scared. Yeah I do. Sometimes someone comes and say

“You have not found the right person yet.” What is this right person thing? Is it a game that we participate in? You are here and you do not like it, you have sex with others there and you do not like it. “Yeah … I think … Maybe… Oh no, it’s not for me, that person is not the one.” There is no such right person thing.

All the time someone comes with some bullshit saying me that at some point I’ll have to date because getting older. At some point, we’re going to die too, and not even for that I tell people that they might die anytime. 

Then comes another and says “It’s because you have not  found someone who takes away your breath”.

I’m sure I’ve already found it. I have a friend that  smells really bad, every time he walks into the room I close my nose and mouth. He takes my breath away very fast!

With so many people trying to convince me  of this  love thing,  I went on google to search about this love  and did you know  that google does not have an answer? No answer at all! That’s it, love does not exist! Because if it’s not on google, for me it’s because it does not exist.

All right, leaving skepticism aside I know love exists, Okay?

But love has to be conquered, you have to conquer it. Or you pay for it, because sometimes you can pay too. Sometimes it comes out cheaper and less work…

Joking aside, during my during my research I found some definitions for love and I’d like to share with you.

The first one says that Love is what makes you burn in flames.

From what I know this is called  fever. You should run into a hospital, it has nothing to do with love.

Then I found one that said that Love is what transports you to another place.

The name of this is bus, it has nothing to do with love.

Another attempt to define love was someone saying that Love is what makes you see the world with other colors.

The name of this is color blindness, again nothing to do with love not.

There was one that said that Love is what makes you laugh all the time and for no reason.

The name of this is marijuana, nothing to do with love. Pot smokers love it then, that must be why they keep talking and making the symbol of peace and love.

The fifth definition says that Love is what makes you lose the time.

This is a cell phone without battery for me. You’re going to be late for work and your boss are not gonna be happy. Nothing to do with love.

The sixth definition says that Love is what makes your world go round.

This one I know well and it’s not love that makes your world spin.

I confess that after these definitions I began to feel no more fear of this thing called love. I did not feel convinced that it exists, but I’ll keep an eye out of to not getting caught up in this trap, everyone says that love is blind! And for some couples I see walking around, it must be true!

Lu is a multifaceted woman. From South America, living the dream of living in Europe, writing and enjoying the most of life ;-)

  1. Sakinah

    Hi! I like your title. It’s true love is a bullshit. I loved someone, got married to him and in our second year into marriage he had an affair with another lady who is a divorcee with a child. Now we are going through a divorce. I love him so much and trusted him but he cheated on me. I numbed myself and don’t want to fall in love again….

    April 1, 2019

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