3 wrong reasons to buy lingerie

I love good lingerie. I think one of the reasons that I feel so excited about it is because I feel extremely powerful when I know I chose a good piece.

I might not be dressed in my best clothes and my hair might be a mess but if I’m wearing the right set under my dress nobody will hold me!

And because of all this joy that I feel when the topic is lingerie I know I could spend a lot of time here talking about the wonders of going to shop a nice set but, after a quick search I could find that people only tell you the reasons to buy lingerie and never the opposite.

I think that lingerie is something indispensable in our lives because we depend on it to not go out there showing our headlight on or to hide that bush in the “Gaza strip”.

So here are my tips for you when going to shop for new lingerie:

1. Buy only because it is on sale:

This is one of the more cliches reasons that exist and I feel I still have to talk about it. You should not in any way buy lingerie in the heat of the moment just because it was with a great discount.

It is a waste to spend money buying something that we did not like it that much or it did not even look so good in our body.

Unlike a dress or jeans, which after we use a couple of times and no longer likes we can give a friend or even sell to try to recover some of the lost money the same does not happen with a bra or panties. You can’t just move on the piece after you took it for a test drive.

2. Buy a smaller number:

I understand that you don’t want to wear huge lingerie and that maybe the size of your clothes is something that interferes on your self-esteem.

Plus buying tight lingerie besides being extremely uncomfortable, it hurts your skin and your health.

Believe me, wearing a tighter bra is not the solution so your lemons look bigger. Continued use of too tight a bra can compress your spine and cause you a posture problem.

And as for your kitty cat, wearing very tight panties or the constant use of thongs can block your kitties breathing, favoring the increase of fungi and bacteria in the region.

And that’s not what we want, isn’t it, girls?

3. Buy to please the boy:

I’m going to yell if you tell me that you bought those panties or that bra just because you wanted to please your boy, and you know why? Because who will use it, even if is just for a few minutes is you!

Lingerie is a very intimate thing for you to buy only and exclusively to please your partner. If you really don’t like it and don’t feel comfortable with what you’re wearing, it will not do any good for your body and your self-esteem.

Make your lingerie more than just your partner, make it your ally and be happy!

Lu is a multifaceted woman. From South America, living the dream of living in Europe, writing and enjoying the most of life ;-)

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