The Dating Nomads

If you are unlucky you will certainly cross with this kind of guy once in your life. And it doesn’t matter where in the world you are based, you might not be able to scape.

This guy knows how to charm you and make you feel involved. He is polite, funny, smart and spicy in a way he will get your attention.

He knows exactly how act to make you feel good. And the words he uses are always the perfect ones to keep you interested and of course looking for a bit more.

These guys are like hunters, or maybe should I say they are like collectors of female hearts. And for these type of guys I have a special name to call them.

They are the Dating “Nomads”. 

These guys have a different girl on every county – or even I maybe dare to say every corner. They don’t spend much time with the girls they meet in order to avoid creating any kind of emotional attachment.

Look for different girls that can attend their needs is almost like a sport. The good ones are the ones who will guarantee the satisfaction of their ego.

They jump from one girls heart to another, without caring or respecting their feelings. Why would they? In a few weeks they will start looking new girls to go out with and have some fun. He might even start looking a couple of weeks after. If they feel bored or notice the girl is nurturing feelings is time to move. He won’t blink twice to start looking the next one.

Going out with a dating nomadic

It was a Wednesday night and I had nothing to do when I agreed to meet him. I’m gonna call him James. I believe he was fishing that day to see which girl he was talking to in the last hours was free that night. Lucky him I was bored and very sad that evening – meaning I was gonna accept pretty much anything just to distract myself from my misery.

I met James through a dating app. From the pictures he posted on his profile I truly believed he was gonna be ugly. As I was not looking for real dates or a boyfriend or anything like that I was okay with it. If he was ugly it wouldn’t really be a problem.

James was gonna be my ticket for a “free” glass of wine and the opportunity to check in real life how mad and crazy is the dating market nowadays.

When I arrived at the pub to meet him I got really surprised. He was tall, athletic, brown hair and green eyes. Honestly I think what was really getting my attention back to him was his green eyes. It was a cristal, deep and intense green eyes, like the ocean waters. I got completely crazy for those green eyes!

He was an engineer, seemed to have a nice job in a great company. He was very nice and our chat were turning out very good. Half way of a pint later I was starting to give him the benefit of the doubt that what we were having that moment could have potential. Like I said previously I don’t want a boyfriend but I do want someone in the future that can make me company sometimes. And if the company I am looking for is from a guy, I could give him the job.

Recognizing a dating nomadic

A pint later he started saying the things that all the guys who likes to play the hide and seek stupid dating game says. From there I tuned in my alert and started being careful. I don’t mind some game sometimes but right now I was not in a moment that I want to play. I wanted something more straight to the point.

And in the beginning of the second pint he showed himself.

“I’m always very busy. Wednesday’s is my only day off. We could see again next Wednesday if you have nothing to do.”

He barely finished the sentence and I knew he was not a regular player, he was a Dating Nomadic.

He didn’t work during weekends and I’m sure he has other stuff to do during the week but how he only had Wednesday’s off?

Does he really think I’m that stupid? Did he really thought I was gonna buy this? Who on earth only has Wednesday’s free to do anything?

At the end of the date

I was already there – plus I was curious – so I stayed until the waiters in the pub kicked us out.

During the rest of the night, in every opportunity he had, pointing how busy he was. He also spent the rest of the night trying to make me give in into his charm. At a few moments I felt challenged, which I like, but as much as he tried to make me fall for him it wasn’t enough.

He made a few moves to try to extend the night. He even tried to grab me from my hips – which I won’t deny that I kinda liked it. From the way he grabbed me I knew he knew what he was doing.

The problem for him is if he is a player and a dating Nomadic, I am a hell of a dam pro regarding datings!

“So, not today?”
“No my friend, not today. Maybe on a Friday. Let’s see.”

He gave me a kiss and he went home. I went back to my apartment thinking that after I turned him out he would disappear. For my surprise one hour later he texted me.

“I got home safe and sound. I had a lot of fun. We should do it again.”

Besides he is a Nomadic I did enjoy the night and I could have another “free” glass of wine. But unfortunately, for him, not if it’s on Wednesday’s.

Eva, is a multifaceted woman. From South America, living the dream of living in Europe, writing and enjoying the most of life.

  1. Sarah

    hahahahhahha I loved it! I have crossed with one of these guys too
    The name is really funny hahahahha

    August 28, 2019

  2. Love this! I love reading and living vicariously through other women that experience dating! I’ve been with my husband since we were 14, I’m glad I would be awful in the dating world lol!

    September 8, 2019

    • Donna

      Hi Thia!

      I feel so happy when I listen other woman that found someone nice and special and that are with them fo such a long time.
      I wish you all the happiness today, tomorrow and for the rest of your lives.

      September 11, 2019

  3. Wow! This has been a revelation! There is a risk that these “Nomadic opportunists” might pose a high risk in some cases too!

    September 8, 2019

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