The polemic photo published by Adele on her Instagram

It is true that we are living in a very tense moment in humanity. And this is happening due to the Corona Virus pandemic. Most of the news on TV and on the Internet are focused on the pandemic. On this past Wednesday, May 6, the news spotlight shared the stage. A photo, published by Adele on her Instagram was the reason.

She doesn’t make any appearances in a very long time. Her last post on Instagram was December last year a couple of days before Christmas. We haven’t heard from her until she decided to thank all her fans for the happy birthday wishes she received. Adele published a photo on Instagram, as being her first post of this year, appearing nothing more and nothing less then: blonde, beautiful, hot, powerful, wearing a little black dress to kill accompanied by a modest little heels and…  thin!

Photos are worth more than a thousand words

Adele appeared with a beautiful smile and a much thinner silhouette. This particular photo is apparently not only worth a thousand words. It was worth hundreds of articles written in online and offline publications, more than two hundred thousand comments on its social media and on third-party social medias, debates on gossip programs and a lot of other people’s discussions.  As the young people say, it was a “damm” photo.

Adele’s appearance has always been questioned in the music world. Twelve years ago when she started her career she was criticized for not having the physical appearance “expected” for singers of big projection not only in the United Kingdom but in the world. It was as if, because she was chubby, she wasn’t going to be talented.

Despite criticism, Adele has always been very good and very comfortable with her body. At least, I can’t recall any interview with the diva in which she shows a lack of confidence with her look.

The fat girl became a Diva

Adele started her career at a young age. And as soon as it started, it was already snatching awards from top UK stars at the big awards. Showing everyone that she came to rock it and that we should make way for the new Diva who would flourish in front of our eyes.

Even at the beginning of her career, Adele gave herself the luxury of canceling numerous appointments just to be able to spend more time with this boyfriend she had at the time.

She wrote an entire record about a guy who broke her heart, who was a huge hit. And showing everyone that with lemons she made not just a lemonade, but a full jar of margaritas.

Time passed, she fell in love, got married, became a mother, wrote more beautiful songs. She  enchanted us with her new songs and even beat Lionel Richie with his famous Hello, giving us all a new meaning to the word.

In the meantime her marriage ended, she separated and decided to take a break to enjoy her life a little while she is still young. We saw her stroll through the bars in the UK, visit friends, relax, have fun…

The power of the Diva

 Adele is without a doubt a very powerful woman. If you put a third of everything she accomplished together you’ll see it’s a lot. Her achievements are certainly to give many singers of her age or even older than her a bit jealousy.

So, leaving the opinions beside, why aren’t we giving a huge applause for everything she has achieved in her career? Why are we wasting time discussing why she lost 45kg?

Were we taken by surprise? Yes. Is she beautiful? Yes. Is she any different than our eyes were used to see before? Sure, but she was always beautiful. Those 45kg, will not make her more or less talented than she already is.

After all, Adele is a diva and will continue to be a diva, no matter what digits appear on her scale.

Lu is a multifaceted woman. From South America, living the dream of living in Europe, writing and enjoying the most of life ;-)

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