Single women and toxic bachelors

There are amazing and fantastic women out there. These women are polite, well educated, traveled, have a great job and a great career. They do have a taste for fashion, meaning they know how to dress gracefully. No doubt they would spend a thousand euro on a Louis Vuitton bag or five hundred euro on some Jimmy Choo heels. After all, they want to feel powerful, fancy, and sexy at the same time. But all these women are single.  

It is intriguing. That is why I question myself why there are so many amazing single women and there are no great single men?

When we are young, in our twenties, we usually end up in at least one serious relationship. It happens because we are young, horny, and full of life. I might even say also a bit stupid. That’s why many of these relationships doesn’t last long on that stage.

When we get by our thirties, supposedly we are eligible for a relationship. But what’s happening now is that the world is kinda devouring us, and we are all with the feeling that life is too short to live it in a relationship. Specially for men.

With the globalization, the many social media and dating apps available and the opportunities people are having of travelling and meeting new people easily anywhere, it made very easy for men remain single.

Mid-30s men that don’t want anything serious because they still feel too young for a relationship.

Age and biology are paramount.

According to the old society rules, getting into a relationship means you will need to get engaged, get married, and right after that start trying to have kids.  But now we have all the world in our hands, we have plenty of fish in the ocean waiting for us, so why would we do that?

I’ve been seen so many guys just looking to start to date serious to find someone to live with only after their 35, cause that’s when they will start going into their famous mid-age or identity crisis. They start thinking that soon they will be forty, and until they find someone that won’t bother them in life too much, they might be too old to start a family and be raising a young child. So the mindset after that age changes.

What doesn’t change is that men still look for a woman that is much younger than them. If they are young, they can still have healthy and also she won’t be rushing things right after they get married as her biological clock will still be cool with the timing been.

Why can’t we be like man and just have a good time?

The way relationships are being created nowadays is why I can’t believe in love. That love will conquer all. I honestly can’t see any kind of love coming from any men. I feel love is in extinction.

Everywhere I travel all I see is people wanting space. And they let you know where their space starts and finish straight away, right after you meet them. In my opinion that is just an excuse they use to not get attached and to get away from you as soon as possible.

Over the last decade, I saw many positive changes in women’s behave towards relationships. But I feel it’s still missing a lot.

I dream with the day women will start treating men with the same courtesy as they treat us.

The time where they won’t be looking for any romance, no strings, no attachment. They will go out with them, have a good night, if they are lucky – even a good sex and go home. No spending the night, it would be a waste of a good night sleep. And as soon as they close the door, they will have forgot about them. After all it was just one night.

I just want women to be free and to enjoy more the life. With the same passion and promiscuity that men do. Maybe if they do it, soon men will feel a bit of how we feel, and the table will turn. And we all these great women that are single out there won’t be alone anymore.

Lu is a multifaceted woman. From South America, living the dream of living in Europe, writing and enjoying the most of life ;-)

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